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I mean, these guys were supposedly good friends with Ryan, why had they never met Rachel before moving to Indy? What an awkward time to meet her to just come to the funeral, and then staying at her house?! Does not make a lick of sense. Even adding a couple sentences to the conversation when Vince finally asked how long they Rachel and Ryan were a couple would have been sufficient to explain why they had never met.

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Decent effort, but fell flat for me. I wanted to love it since I love Indy and am familiar with the city, I wish the execution would have been better. I feel compelled to say that I have lived in Indiana my entire years of life, spending 7 of those, in my late 20s to early 30s, in Indy. Not one person I have ever encountered called the area I believe the Rachel character lived in "The Village. I have many friends and family who currently live there and even asked a couple of them via text if this was a new thing since I moved away, they said it is not common at all but you hear it from time to time.

I know the end of the book says the Author lives in Indy, and she does know stores and restaurants, and the likes, but calling Broad Ripple "The Village" is just not something that is commonly used, as far as I know. Just wondering if she moved there from somewhere else? Chicago, perhaps?

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Or was not allowed to use Broad Ripple in a book? Nov 28, Teresa rated it it was ok. Negative feminine sexuality is prevalent in this book. I finished the book so I could give it a fair review but the negativity prevailed throughout and I began scanning through to understand the story that was hidden underneath.

May 02, Shelley rated it did not like it Shelves: quick-read , not-my-cuppa-tea , This was so not my cup of tea, on the authors goodreads bio they say they write about romance as she always got swept away. There was no sweeping in this book. Rachel the main character is now a widow, and finds herself in a relationship shortly after his death. However she is so self-deprecating that I felt nothing for her as a character.

She enjoys making love with her new man, Vince, who is very good in bed but every time she enjoys it she calls herself a slut - and that happens A LOT. Does s This was so not my cup of tea, on the authors goodreads bio they say they write about romance as she always got swept away. Does she sleep around, no. Did she cheat, no. Did she jump his bones at the first opportunity, no. Yet she is a slut - and I got so tired of reading that word.

That is not the only issue with this book, they are mid thirties and talk as if they are late teens. If you wanted your characters to talk like teenagers then write a young adult novel.

Then there's the whole of my god I am actually cheating on the memory of my husband, yet she is the only person who actually thinks this. Her friends are supportive, her sister still loves her. Her parents in-law are a little bit upset understandably and she doesn't actually have a relationship with her mother so how would she know what she thinks? I think this was supposed to be, on a deeper level, a story about finding yourself and love after such a tragic loss, but the writing style and flow and execution didn't convey this at all.

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There were loads of paragraph breaks and the use of italics was annoying. On the subject of flow, you get to a more serious part in the book where she bares her soul to Vince, and then afterwards there's a fashion update of what she will wear : a white cap sleeve A-line dress with a colour block short skirt in turquoise and dark grey horizontal stripes I mean there was a lot of talk about what she was wearing and it all felt a bit superficial. Others seemed to love this story from the review, but I just wanted feeling any romance or sweeping after reading this book. Nov 25, Cyndi Hackett rated it really liked it Shelves: a-surprise-hit , sweet-loverstory.

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This story took me by surprise. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. I felt the emotions that Rachel was expressing were true emotions a widow would feel. I felt her heartache, shame, and happiness throughout the story.

I was so cheering for Vince to win her over. I could only assume a widow would fight with the emotions of moving on too fast, concerned about what others would think, and hoping for a second chance at love! God gives us blessings but also he gives tragedies to learn from and have the strength to go forward. I admire the concept to move forward as emotions are hard and the need to convey hardship is hard and to live life to the fullest is rewarding. Loved the book and looking forward to reading more. Dec 05, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: read , self-publish-ebook , fun-to-read.

I picked this ebook up for free on Amazon when a friend posted about it the author is her friend and it did not disappoint. I especially liked the story and character development. I was totally satisfied with this read. Highly recommend to fans of a true to life story of loss, love, guilt, passion, and finding happiness.

Nov 10, Dena rated it really liked it. I liked the book and enjoyed the thoughts of each character. The secondary characters are hysterical and loved each one. Usual Love,sex family thing. Not anything special about it. Would not read it again and don't think I will try any more of her work. Aug 15, Kelly Yekel rated it it was amazing. A great story about loss and love.

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However love is much stonger in this book and wins out in the long run. Leading to a second happily ever marriage and a family. Nov 13, Michele Cousens rated it really liked it.

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Quick read. The main character's husband dies unexpectedly. She then ends up falling for a friend of her husband. It was good to read a story where basically just good things happen to the character. Nov 08, Andrea Doss rated it really liked it. This is a story about a woman's second chance at love. It isn't an easy road as she falls for her late husband's friend, but it all works out. Dec 07, Marie Carlisle rated it it was amazing. At first I was really sad reading this but then it took me by surprise!