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Or, you could always suggest ways to save on child care, such as starting a babysitting co-op with other parents. Now that the working mom in your life has childcare lined up, give her a day at a spa -- or even a few hours -- to forget her stress for a short while. Time to yourself is one of the most sought-after treats for a working mother, and one of the hardest to come by. Just make sure it doesn't expire any time soon in case she doesn't book her spa day right away.

When working moms get a chance to read to their children, the last thing they want to share is a picture book with a beaming stay-at-home mom and her brood.

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Instead, give a children's book that takes for granted that mothers work outside the home and that fathers or grandparents or babysitters will play an important role in a child's life. Every morning a working mom gets everyone ready, including herself. If she's trying to watch her budget she most likely packs her own lunch every day. If you take her out for lunch not only do you get to enjoy her company for awhile, but you also give her a break. Not packing her own lunch gives her a few extra minutes in the morning that she can enjoy with her kids. One of the biggest things that consumes a working mom's time is a housekeeping.

Picture your working mom friend relaxing while someone else thoroughly cleans her home. When she gets back to work the next day she'll be extremely thankful and a bit rested.

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You have a few options for this gift. Italian Translation Traduzione italiana. Albany: - New York City: - Next Section Continue. Contact the Governor's Press Office.

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Contact us by phone: Albany: - New York City: - I could work a few days from home, taking breaks to nurse, video conferencing while she napped, making up the extra hours after I put all three kids to sleep. Maybe I could get by with 6 hours of sleep. I had always put caring for my babies first, but I contemplated whether it would feel ok to let someone else take that job.

Why It's So Hard to Be a Working Mom. Even at Facebook.

I love my job, but I love my baby even more. In mid-July, with the heartache of a break-up, I sent my resignation letter.

I also wrote another note describing my agonizing choice, saying that Facebook could and should do better for families. I posted it internally, in a group for Facebook employees worldwide.

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I wondered if anyone would read it. My phone started buzzing. More than 5, Facebook employees reacted in support. Mothers shared how they struggled to perform at work and be there for their kids, and how sad they were to miss the special moments. Fathers said they felt the strain of not being with their children.


People with no kids chimed in with their support. These were just the voices of people still working there. Allowing part-time options to all parents would strain the rest of the team, she said.

A Tribute to Hard-Working Moms Everywhere

But these working mother gifts are practical surefire winners.