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Please check your Internet connection and reload this page. If the problem continues, please let us know and we'll try to help. An unexpected error occurred. Issue doi: Click here for the english version. For other languages click here. Este protocolo foi validado para outras plantas e tecidos. Subscription Required. Please recommend JoVE to your librarian. Tabela 1. Figura 1. Figura 2. Perfis polissomas representativos. A: perfis polissomas brutos de mudas wt. B: perfis polissomas brutos de mudas mutantes.

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Figura 4. Agradecemos Dr. Benjamin Campo e Dr. Roberto : There is a site that is very well-known, they measure what they call popularity of programming language. Roberto : So then in December it was like in 50, in January it went to 47, February it went to 44, and this month the index just came out today, yesterday and it went to 25th position.

It jumped over twenty other languages in one month. Very strange. A lot of languages. But the main point is I have no idea how we are climbing up, what happened in the world that put us that much [up].

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Actually, this is the first, how can I say, the first outside book that is really, really about Lua. And this one is Beginning Lua Programming. Roberto : No, actually, they liked my book. They think mine is more high-level, actually I assume that people know… And their book is more kind of initial. I think there is a lot of [unclear] to grow the whole thing. But then, so, we are always trying to understand what is going on. He writes in different places. Roberto : Sometimes… Now I try to replicate the programming index, for instance, hits.

Roberto : Oh, ok.

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I try to acompanhar, to follow blogs, and I have a link in my bookmarks. I think I mentioned that sometimes I was kind of nervous for instance about forks or things like that.

Contact information of Cedeplar, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

I think I told that I was afraid sometimes that Lua became much more famous than us, than the group behind Lua and so people… Someone mentioned that—you already mentioned that too, but, for instance how the Lua community behaves this way… That we accept suggestions but we keep control of everything. So they are… For instance, in Python or Perl, you have a lot of people that actually vote for changes and there are those kind of open decision, open-source decision-making strategies and things like that.

You can enter as a committer and you are promoted as a developer and then you have the right to vote and there is all this hierarchy.


And Lua is just the three of us… [Laughs. Roberto : No. I mean, in what sense? We thought about not doing that. Roberto : And why? Because exactly… for several different reasons.

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I think that always it tends to grow. Yuri : But when you say that, what does that mean? What about that scenario do you fear? That someone would go and decide to do a fork or whatever. Could, for instance, destroy completely Lua in the sense that everybody moves to this fork and nobody uses Lua never more.

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But I think about that, and I consider that as a kind of…. Roberto : Yeah, because there is this culture. How to Run an Open Source Project. But it must be benevolent , that dictator. People will fork to another project and so… I mean, you cannot be a dictator, so I mean. Did he say why he wanted you to read it? He said I should — I could learn some things there. I thought that Lua of course was open source. The quote from the unnamed original author of CGILua comes from a recorded interview, conducted in Portuguese in Here is a much longer version of the quotation:. E era como se fosse a resposta pra aquele form.

Rodrigo : De empresa. Eu queria fazer uma plataforma web pra Lua. Porque eles querem usar Lua.

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Rodrigo : Ou outros. Eu posso fornecer source pra uma comunidade e com isso ganhar respeito. Mas como? Porque eu sou ignorante.

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Rodrigo : Sim, claro. Rodrigo : Mesmo usar. Eu nunca parei pra olhar. Agora preciso de um MD5. The first quote comes from the later part of our first interview, conducted in The second set of quotations comes from our second interview, also conducted in Portuguese. Porra… [Laughs. Acho que encontrar esse pessoal vai ser o mesmo movimento, vai ser o mesmo tipo de coisa. Como eu vou viver fora do Java e do. Chapter 0 p. Chapter 2 p. We do appologize for any other unintentional meaning :— The long quote is from a interview conducted in English.

Yuri : And why was that?

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Oh, ISO? The broader context of the interview quote is provided below: [Continuing right after the previous quote. Roberto : In LaTeX, yes. I write all my papers in LaTeX. Lua-l quote: Currently, the list members from Brazil. We can have a much wider audience with poor English than with good Portuguese :— p. Yuri : Que?

Cedeplar, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Yuri : Falando com outra pessoas? Luciano : Uhu. Yuri : E entendeu?