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Make sure all of this is spelled out in advance of signing your contract. On-Site and Off-Site Venues are basically divided into two main categories; on- and off-site. On-site venues include hotels, restaurants and private clubs. These locations provide the majority of services you will need for your reception: catering, beverages, tables, chairs, china, flatware, linens and serving staff.

They normally charge on a per person basis and have a minimum guest requirement. An on-site facility does not normally charge for the room rental fee as long as the minimum head count is achieved. With off-site facilities it is strongly recommended, and at times required, that you purchase additional insurance for the day of the reception.

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All-Inclusive Much like an all-inclusive vacation, some venues package themselves to service the event from A-to-Z. With this type of venue you can have your wedding and reception at one location. This option is very convenient for guests, as they do not have to deal with additional directions and addresses. Theme Venues Select a venue that will inspire or enhance your theme.

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Wineries, museums, train stations, movie palaces, yachts and even breweries offer alternative options. Choose locations that tell your love story. Did you meet in college? Check with your alumni association for use of on-campus facilities. Proposed on the beach? Speak with state park representatives for permission to marry on the beach.

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By selecting a venue within your theme, you will not only save time and money but create a truly personalized celebration. The grounds will. Site Inspection Now that you know the differences in venues, here is what to look for during your tour. Bring along a digital camera and, of course, Spectacular Bride as your. If you are working with a consultant, ask them to accompany you as well. What is included in the rental fee?

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Are there additional costs to consider? Is security staff required? How many servers will there be per table? Who is the facility coordinator on the day of your wedding? Love the trailing wisteria? Book your reception. Are they attractive and easy to find? Booking the Site Secure your location before hiring your vendors.

If you have your heart set on a particular venue, then by all means start planning one to two years out. If you are flexible about your venue selection and are open to different options, you can actually plan a wedding in six months. Choice locations are often booked a year out. Prime dates such as Saturday afternoons and evenings, May through October, go quickly and November through December weekends are in high demand for corporate and social holiday functions. Once you know the total square footage of your potential reception site, simply multiply the number of guests by the appropriate square footage above to see whether or not the space will accommodate your guest list.

You can find a checklist of questions to review with the facility coordinator in The Planning Place at the back of this issue. Knowing a few standard guidelines regarding space allocation will help you make more accurate decisions. The Site Review showcases photos and eight key points of information for each location to assist you in quickly determining which sites are right for you and your event.

Avoid a large time gap between the ceremony and reception.

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Out-of-town guests tend to feel a little lost; guests arrive at the reception feeling less than fresh after wearing the same celebratory clothes all day; and those with children will have to arrange for all-day childcare. In addition, guests driving an hour or more will often skip the ceremony and attend the reception only. Have your location secured before hiring your vendors. Saturday night weddings and summer holiday weekends are always most popular.

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If you're interested in these dates, book your venue immediately. For a formal event, choose a location conducive to a formal occasion.

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  4. Transforming a room is costly. Working with it will save time and money. Most receptions last about four hours. There are no parking restrictions. A common mistake couples make is failing to orchestrate their reception.


    Timing of the key moments of your reception should be communicated to all your vendors and guests. We feature 10 acres of private lush landscape for your outdoor or indoor ceremony and reception. All-inclusive packages can be customized to fulfill your every wish! Just South of the Las Vegas Strip, we offer 4 generations of specialized service!

    Direction If your ceremony and reception are at different locations, hire a wedding consultant to greet and guide your guests to the cocktail or reception area, or make sure there are adequate signs directing them to the proper place. If you are having the ceremony and reception in the same facility, this rule still holds true. People must be directed to the next area of the celebration so they feel welcomed and comfortable. Remember, you are the hosts of this event.

    Assigned Seating If you are planning on having assigned seating, provide a copy of the seating chart to your caterer or wedding consultant so they can arrange the seating cards in advance. Floor Plan Make sure that the floor plan is well designed. Allow guests a reasonable view of the bride and groom, and enough space between tables 48 to 54 inches to move about comfortably. Ask your consultant of facility coordinator for the best table arrangement for your venue.

    They'll know from experience which configurations work. The Resort features fifty four acres of lush grounds. Allow our Marriott Certified Staff to help you plan your Wedding Ceremony and Reception in one of our seven outdoor Ceremony sites and eight unique reception venues. Project Manager Hungry guests are harsh critics. Get the best value out of your wedding by having a professional manage your event. No matter the size of your budget, prioritize organization. Guests are honoring you by sharing your joy. Keep them happy by designating an experienced project manager for your wedding day.

    This key person is usually a wedding consultant, your caterer or the facility manager.

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    You may also want to authorize this person to make decisions regarding alcohol corkage, asking the DJ or band to extend their playing time, or adjusting the timing of key events during the reception—depending on the flow of the party. Watch the sun set as you wine and dine with your closest family and friends, then party the night away. The staff understands the importance of this day and we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to what you envision.

    Your magical wedding day at Canyon Gate will not end here; it will only be a new beginning that you solidify and bring to fruition with the words "I DO"! Family and friends from out-of-town may not be familiar with our pollen months. Post this link: nasal-allergies.