The Unexpected Choice

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Previous Figure Next Figure. I love it, and you have a rebel rule-follow voice. It just came out again. I love it.

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We need a cape for you then. We need a cape and a costume and everything. One of the things I pulled out of our conversation with her is that common is being easily frustrated and easily offended. Carey was talking about the things that can get us all frustrated and offended and call out in us that common response.

Then you pointed out that believing is confident rest. What did you mean by that? I took note of it. Well, this is something that God is working in my heart this year, because, as I mentioned believe is my word for the year and what God has just really been showing me is how much unbelief I have in my life. But that striving that we talked about is so much a lack of confident rest.

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Where does that striving come from? For me, it comes from unbelief. It comes from the thought that I have to do it myself. It comes from having doubt about whether God can do it at all.

An Unexpected Choice

I was reading yesterday the story of the man who brought his child who was mute but also convulsing and things to the disciples. Jesus was kind of indignant and he repeated him.

The idea of rest being a sign of either belief or at least the desire to believe, because, girl, when I do try things like silence and solitude or I try to take a full day off, it just about kills me. Tell it, tell it. Even sitting in my chair in the morning with my Bible and my mind is racing in 50 different directions; that is not confident rest.

Well, I want to comment though on what you just said about Exodus , because you gave us the NLT version, and I love it. The Lord Himself will fight for you, just stay calm. Yes, yes, yes. My form of striving, we talked about our different forms, and I want to hear more about yours, too, and this whole idea of being offended and how to deal with that. Mm-hmm affirmative. Those are all really good goals, right? I want to be known as those things. That gets ugly really fast. Oh my word. Well, yeah. One of the things that our interview with Carey reminded me of is a book I read a year ago or two years ago called Unoffendable , and I need to read it again, because his whole premise was as Christians we should be the most unoffendable people on the planet.

We should not be easily frustrated. We should not be easily disturbed by the fact that other people act like human beings. I did pull a little quote from here, from the book.

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The original Hebrew is suggestive of stopping the fight, letting go, and relaxing. God wants us to drop our arms. No more defensiveness, no more taking things personally. There goes the people-pleasing part of me. Trust him and rest. He says this several ways throughout the book, how tiring it is, how exhausting, how depleting, and I guess I just never really thought of it. I think I come from families that kind of … I was about to say we take pride in taking offense.

Can you rescue me from that? It takes both. Then we can rest in that. I understand it was controversial and all the theology is not quite straight in there, and yet we loved the movie. Belief and trust are hand in hand; rest and trust are hand in hand.

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Darn it, all these things are connecting again. Anyway, I was really thinking about how do we live, and this ties in with the Shaunty interview, but how do we live in the tension of kindness and boundaries. Do you have any thought about that? I do it badly. Learning the difference between niceness and kindness is huge. There is no doubt about that. Again, Shaunty called us to be truth-tellers and to bring up things of concern. She never said not to have boundaries. Learn the lesson and say no next time to someone, actually a friend, who would have taken the no quite well.

I get it right between my eyes.

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That even sounds like a bad rule. I throw you under the bus, not me. Oh my gosh, the outtake of you with the contest was the funniest thing ever. I really wanted to make that the lead-in because it was so dang funny. Yeah, that was my favorite part.